Welcome to the Clubs page this page is to show what each club in our school is about.

ASL Club

American Sign Language Club.

Chinese Club

Introduction to Chinese Culture.

Country Swing Club

Dance to Country Swing with your friends.

Drama Guild

Drama or Theatre.


Competative and chill Smash Bros, League of Legends, and Rocket League and more coming soon.


Future Business Leaders of America.

video coming soon!


Career and Comunity Leaders of America.

Fencing Club

Learn and Practice fencing.


National Affiliation enrolled in agriculture.

German Club

Meet to experience the German launguage and culture.

History Close Up

Discuss history related events.

Hope Squad

Meet to support your peers.


Future Health Professionals.

Indoor Track & Field Club

Run track and do field activities.

Key Club

Kiwanis Club affiliation for community service.

Kpop Club

Dance to Kpop with your friends.


Community service and leadership.


National Honor Society


Parent Teacher Orginization

Singles Club

Learn how to date and talk to people your attracted to.

Spike ball Club

Play Spike Ball with your friends.

Student Council

Learn how to orginize events and become a leader.

Table Top Club

Play board games like D&D and others with your friends.

Tackwando Club

Learn and practice Tackwando.